Allergies got you down? ProClean is the allergy specialist! The distress allergy sufferers experience is often not limited to the cycle of the seasons. Anyone with seasonal allergies can become just as sensitive to pet dander and concentrated foul odors; even dust particles as small as 1 micron can be a huge problem. The minor presence of common mold and mildew can cause extreme discomfort and health risks.
ProClean has a full line of anti-allergen cleaning and disinfecting agents designed to eliminate the causes of most indoor allergies.

Starting with our anti-allergen pre-spray, it has no solvents, perfumes or other hazardous agent that could trigger an allergic attack
Next, we rinse your carpet, upholstery or bedding with an anti-allergen fiber rinsing agent. It flushes out contaminates such as dust, mold spores, pollen, pet dander and those dreaded dust mites, the cause of many allergies.

Pet odor a problem, but you are allergic to deodorizers? We have the solution with our anti-allergen deodorizer. It does not contain perfumes, solvents or pesticides.

So if you or someone you love is an allergy suffer, ProClean has the solution for you. Call us and start breathing better TODAY!

Serving Wood, Wirt, Washington, Jackson, Ritchie and Pleasants counties

Don't Forget the Dust Mites in your Mattress