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We love our pets but not the little messes they sometimes leave behind. Whether from that new puppy or kitten or the old boy that just can't make it in time to the door anymore, ProClean is the pet odor and stain specialists. We have more experience in removing pet stains and odor than most carpet cleaners have experience in just cleaning carpet. With specialized training and tested odor and stain removal cleaning agents, we get out what other carpet cleaners long since gave up on.


The most common horror story from our clients is the one where the untrained carpet cleaner comes into the home and put "a little of this and a little of that" on the spot and the odor becomes worse than before. Here’s why:

Like an iceberg, you only see the top 10% of any urine deposit. And much like an iceberg, the largest part of the problem lies below the surface. As pet urine leaves the body, it’s technically sterile; however, during the stages of decomposition, it converts from an acid to an alkaline, eventually drying into what's called "alkaline urine salts." These salts are highly malodorous and remain deep in your carpet fibers and furniture cushions indefinitely, causing that fowl urine odor smell, especially on those hot, humid summer days.

Then the untrained amateur comes in a puts more alkaline-based detergents and water onto the spot. The solution breaks down the salts in the urine and starts the process of decomposition all over again- thus the odor returns as strong as before.

Don’t worry! ProClean’s tested and proven odor removal method uses highly active and oxygenated products that will attack the odor and stain at its source. These safe organic enzymes encapsulate the problem urine salts so that they can be removed successfully from deep inside your carpet padding or upholstery. We then flush the fibers with purified water and extract all the contaminates. This procedure penetrates beneath the padding all the way down to the sub-flooring or deep into your upholstery cushions to the location of the contamination.

We are so sure of our process we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for some reason the odor returns (in about 1% of the most severe cases), we will return and retreat the area at NO-CHARGE. (restrictions apply, call for details)

There are some cases where the amount of contamination is so severe that we will recommend removal of the padding and carpet and sealing the sub-floor. We will never waste your time and money on a treatment that will not be 100% successful. So if you have a pet odor or stain problem, call ProClean and allow us to assess the problem, and recommend the treatment that will make your house smell pet-free again