Serving Wood, Wirt, Washington, Jackson, Ritchie and Pleasants counties

With the cost of carpeting and upholstery on the rise, getting the most out of your investment is important to you. That is why ProClean recommends Maxim Advanced® stain protection on everything that we clean. ProClean is a licensed applicator of Maxim Advanced®,the recognized leader in fabric and carpet stain protection. You may have had carpet or fabric protector applied in the past by another cleaner with less than expected results. Did you get genuine Maxim Advanced®?

You can trust ProClean to provide every product and service that you pay for. ProClean applies all Maxim Advanced® Stain Protector from their container, and we will provide you with a certificate from Maxim Advanced® for your records and carpet warranty. ProClean believes in Maxim Advanced® so highly, we offer a one-year spot removal warranty at no extra charge .If you qualify for and are issued our one year spot removal warranty, and you get a food or beverage stain that you can't remove with the provided spotter on anything we clean and protect, we will come out and do everything in our power to safely remove the stain and retreat the area - AT NO CHARGE.
Professional cleaning, Maxim Advanced®  and ProClean's One Year Spot Removal Warranty is the best in the industry, and it provides the greatest protection on your carpet and upholstery investment. ProClean's One Year Spot Removal Warranty is  just one of the several valuable guarantees and warranties offered by ProClean Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning.